On October 24th at 7.30pm we have a bit of a special one -

We'll once again be having the guys from Dark Woods step into Laynes bringing some incredibly special coffee with them. And we mean REALLY sepcial. They're going to bringing their pal Rich Norgate along from MAGIC ROCK BREWING to present and talk about the coffee-beer that Dark Woods and Magic Rock recently collaborated on. 



There's a fair bit of awesome stuff to get through so below is a heck of a lot of info about what will be available to taste and talk about on the night. 

***There's 30 tickets available and are priced at £15 each***




This will be an opportunity to taste and experience a range of aromatically fruit-filled coffees, a unique, coffee fruit inspired coffee beer and what is currently regarded as the world’s most revered, super rare and sought-after coffee – Lot 227 by Ninety Plus Coffee.

This coffee recently set a record of selling for over $5000/kg in Ninety Plus’s very first online coffee auction. 

This evening will present one of the few chances to taste this coffee, which has pushed aromatic and flavour profile to a new dimension. We’ll also have a stunning example of their Ethiopia coffee – the equally rare Semeon Abay process. 


Limited Batch 227 - Ninety Plus Gesha Estate, Panama - 100% Gesha - Jose Alfredo Gesha Series

Lot 227 is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive and transformative coffees Ninety Plus has ever produced. Utilized by 2017 World Brewers Cup Champion, Chad Wang, to dominate open service scoring in all rounds of the world championships, the flavor of this coffee is the most intense representation of the newly discovered coffee taste profile of the José Alfredo Gesha Series. Equaling Coffee Review’s highest score ever at 97 points, 227 is complex almost beyond description, but here are some words utilized by 2014 World Brewing Champion, Stefanos Domatiotis, on consecutive mornings: white peach, narcissus, grapefruit zest, lilac, loquat, raspberry, jackfruit, lyric, buoyant, cacao nib, star anise, guava, cola, wisteria, dried orange, maple syrup, plush, velvety, the color pink.

Feelings evoked on sipping Lot 227: multifaceted inspiration, erotic innervation, epiphany, possibility, femininity.

“This particular process is a result of a discovery of specific bacteria that are locally present at Ninety Plus Gesha Estates that were observed to yield unique flavor when applied to Gesha. These bacteria were subsequently cultivated and applied in a controlled way to focus and enhance their impact in the fermentation process. Lot 227 is part of a series of coffees in 2017 (Jose Alfredo Gesha Series), of which all, in varying degrees, exhibit this unique flavor.” 

José Alfredo is the General Manager of Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in Panama, and in 2016, his tiny 3 kilogram experimental lot was sent as a surprise to Ninety Plus Founder and Steward of Taste, Joseph Brodsky. Joseph was floored by the completely new flavor of this wild, industry norm shattering process. He encouraged José Alfredo to produce a series of these coffees at a slightly larger scale in 2017. The results represent Ninety Plus’ largest flavor innovation of the year. There are no coffees like this in the world outside of this series. This signature José Alfredo fermentation style delivers unprecedented complexity in the cup and promises an expanded future of the mind-boggling taste experiences displayed in this exciting series. If there are singular coffees that represent the great future of coffee, they are the coffees of the José Alfredo Gesha Series.



Semeon Abay - Ninety Plus Magokoro Estates, Ethiopia - Heirloom Varietal - Semeon Abay Series 

Semeon Abay, Ninety Plus Ethiopia QC Director, did something incredible in 2013. He decided to invent a processing formula which would challenge two assumptions: 1) that green coffee has to degrade in quality over the course of 1 year (his 2013 coffee actually improved over time and was used in 2015 to win the World Brewers Cup) and 2) that coffee should be processed uniformly (his process is non-uniform by intention). The Semeon Abay coffees from Ninety Plus have been some of the most limited and sought after coffees in the world in recent years and are now for the first time accessible to the public. 

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2013, Joseph Brodsky held a blind cupping of prospective coffees for a select panel of his Ninety Plus Makers. Attending was Ninety Plus’ Ethiopian field director Semeon Abay who was responsible for sourcing and overseeing East African coffee processing. Abay, newly returned from a five-year stint working for Novo Coffee in Denver, was a charming but somewhat mysterious young man who was rumored to have been a child actor.

As the Makers moved down the cupping line, the coffees Abay brought for evaluation ranged between very good to simply excellent. Then they reached the last cup. It quite simply blew minds. Sidelong glances, raised eyebrows, barely suppressed groans of pleasure. This mysto entry was an incredibly complex and layered coffee with tasting notes ranging from white chocolate and macadamia nut to lychee candy and peach. Odd-Steiner Tollefsen took one sip and declared, “That’s going to win a world championship!”

Then Abay let the penny drop. The coffee was his. Developed in secret, with no prior approval, completely off radar of Ninety Plus. Brodsky was incredulous…hovering between ecstasy and a cosmic WTF?

Abay looked down the table and grinned mischievously. “What can I say…I’m dangerous.”


La Huella Café de Panama - Natural Catuai & Bourbon - Natural Pacamara - Natural Gesha - Washed Gesha - Cascara by La Huella 


Aricha - Aricha Yirgacheffe Natural


Magic Rock Brewing & Dark Woods Coffee

Uncommon Grounds (7.4%): Barrel Aged Coffee Sour

Our collaboration for the first UK edition of Uppers & Downers, held back in September at Brew by Numbers, Bermondsey. The festival is arranged by Good Beer Hunting from the US, and curated by Matt Curtis 

The base beer is a weightier brew of Magic Rock’s Common Grounds Triple Coffee Porter, barrel aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. This version of the beer is carefully soured in the barrel, before being late infused with La Huella cascara (dried coffee cherry), natural processed coffee and jasmine flowers. 

Only 3 kegs of this beer were produced. 1 for Uppers & Downers, and 1 for tonight’s event – so it’s a very rare opportunity to enjoy this. 

The beer will be poured on the evening by Rich Norgate, designer at Magic Rock




Flight 1 / Brews

Control 1 (India Honey)

Konga Washed

Aricha Natural

Catuai/Bourbon Natural

Semeon Abay



Flight 2 / Brews

Control 2 (Brazil Natural)

Natural Pacamara

Washed Gesha

Natural Gesha

Lot 227


3. Pouring Uncommon Grounds