The perfect course for someone looking to get to grips with the basics of making coffee as well as gaining the knowledge and understanding of where it comes from, how it's prepared and why we brew it the way we do. Useful for someone who has an espresso machine at home, someone who wants to start to make a move into working in the coffee industry or just someone with a keen interest. 

We cover -

  • An introduction to the origins of coffees from around the world, how they've come to be there and what we should expect in flavour profiles. 

  • A close look at how we prepare espresso in Laynes, the flavours we're looking for and how we attain them. 

  • The preparation of steamed milk, why it's important to pay particular attention to the milk itself, the technique used to prepare it and the temperatures reached. 

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Moving on from the Basic Barista Skills course, in the Latte Art class we pay particular attention to the techniques employed in preparing milk for flat whites, cappuccinos and lattes and then the pouring of latte art on each of these drinks.

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This course is all about getting the best out of brewing coffee at home and we take a look at using a variety of methods. Great course for someone who's a home brew enthusiast but is happy to leave espresso brewing to the baristas in the coffee shops.

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CONSULTANCY and commercial training

Not many coffee industry consultants can offer the experience that comes with actually having done the work that they aim to advise and consult upon. Between Dave and James Olejnik they have held roles that range from being a front line barista in a 500 coffees a day coffee shop to training for some of the most trusted training companies in the UK to actually being business owners who understand where the priorities lay in keeping things moving along confidently while remaining a fun and exciting career choice. 

We talk to the client about the rates at which we supply these services so we know what's going to work best. 

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