16 new station st, ls1

We've been here serving up some of the best coffee and food around since 2011


Laynes at Belgrave

    We're now in the Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen serving coffees and sweets. Huge amounts of seating, roof terrace and WIFI...it's everything you've ever wanted from our original shop!!

    Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen
    1A Cross Belgrave St, Leeds

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  • Opening Times
  • Monday to Sunday - 11am to 6pm

Brunch at Belgrave

  • Back on December 1st 2013 we did our first 'kitchen take over' at The Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen and we like to think it was a bit of a success. The next of these Sunday brunch services is on April 19th, so please check the Laynes at Belgrave information page for info



currently hiring -




We can offer training to both domestic users and commercial businesses and will tailor our service dependent on your specific needs. We have years of experience in the coffee training industry and have worked with both multi national companies as well as helping people achieve a delicious cup of coffee at home.


If you're looking for advice on starting up a business within the coffee industry or even looking to move your current endeavour forward we're in a position of experience to help and advise. Our training services can of course be incorporated into our plans.



  • We currently cater to a few offices around the centre of Leeds and would happily cater to a few more. Email catering@laynesespresso.com and we can send you an information and order form.




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